Walmart Wellness Day September 23, 2017

Discover Health & Wellness Broomfield will be participating in the Walmart Wellness Day on 9/23 at the 500 Summit Blvd, Broomfield CO 80021 location.


We will be offering Stress Analysis Testing through our MyoVision ScanVision sEMG equipment along with a free chair massage.  It measures the amount of tension in the body’s muscles – tight muscles pull on the spine causing symptoms and pain.  What’s cool is we can email the results to participants.  Below is a link to the scan eqmt if you want some background.

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What is ScanVision Static sEMG?  

myovisione-scanMyoVision’s ScanVision™ uses Static sEMG (surface electromyography) to measure electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing. It effectively provides a quantifiable means of showing patients what you feel with your hands. Simply put, it is an electronic form of palpation. The device effectively and scientifically measures the muscular response to spinal subluxation. E-Scan (the software) shows the levels of muscle tension about the spine in an easy to understand graphic. The ScanVision’s patented wireless 5 electrode design allows you to perform the test in less than one minute. MyoVision’s proprietary sEMG technology is a completely safe, painless and non-invasive method of evaluating spinal health utilizing the well established EKG technology.

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