The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in athletes.

Most people seek chiropractic care because of back and neck pain. When it comes to athletes, injuries often go way beyond the two most common areas that we mere mortals most frequently feel pain. So, it isn’t surprising to assume athletes see chiropractors for injuries (after all, all NFL teams employ on-staff chiropractors and so do 72 percent of PGA golfers and the majority of NBA, MLB and NHL teams).

In fact, not all athletes are seeking chiropractic care for injuries. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, finds that it helps improve not only his health, but his performance, “Chiropractic just makes you feel so much better. When I walk out of the clinic, I feel like I’m about three inches taller and everything’s in place. And as long as I see the chiropractor, I feel like I’m one step ahead of the game.”

If you are competing in a high level Taekwondo event, do you think an increasing strength and speed in your legs would be a good idea? A brand-new study recently showed that one session of spinal manipulation (chiropractic adjustment) resulted in significant increase in calf muscle strength and increased corticospinal (brain/spine) excitability. The increased strength effect lasted 30 mins after the adjustment and the increased brain/spine excitability lasted 60 mins.  (

The effects of a single session of spinal manipulation on strength and cortical drive in athletesIn one study of fifty athletes, 25 received Chiropractic care and 25 athletes
served as controls. They used 11 separate tests to measure different aspects
of athletic ability. After 6 weeks, the chiropractic group had shown an 18% improvement in eye-hand coordination, while the control group had only shown
a 1% response. After 12 weeks, the Chiropractic group had exhibited more than 30% improvement. (Source: Lauro A. Mouch B. Chiropractic: The Journal of Chiropractic
Research and Clinical Investigation. 1991; 6:84-87)

There is a problem with putting out an endorsement for chiropractic like this one. It may in fact lend to a misconception that chiropractic is only for athletes. This couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Remember, 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine (Dr. Roger Sperry, Noble Prize recipient for brain research). Brain health is a huge issue in American healthcare and rightfully so. People do not be another sad statistic born of a health impoverished culture; get adjusted, eat whole foods, drastically reduce toxins, exercise and enjoy deep connection in your relationships. These are not optional for any of us and when we opt out of one or more of these necessities our health leaves and life sucks. If you are not currently under chiropractic care, make an appointment, get checked and lead your community to better health and fulfillment.

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