Danielle Schmitt LMT

Danielle Schmitt, Licensed Massage Therapist

1-6pm (M-W-TH)

Danielle Schmitt LMT

Danielle has been a massage therapist for over 7 years.  She knew massage therapy was the profession for her and entered into massage school right after high school graduation.  Healing people is in her nature.  There is nothing she loves more than having a client come in with terrible pain and leave with great relief.

She believes massage therapy is equally beneficial for the mind.  Life is full of stresses and she believes it’s her calling to work out the knots of everyday life.  She is very specific in her work and great at finding the exact problem area and working it out.  Massage therapy has changed her life finds it a privilege to help other people through massage.

Danielle has lived in Colorado her entire life.  She loves all the outdoorsy things such as hiking, camping & fishing.  She also enjoys yoga, crafting and reading.  However, her favorite activity is simply spending time with her daughter who is her entire world!