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Gerri Kier is a Certified Natural Health Provider and Loomis Digestive Enzyme Specialist. Her 15 years in the field has fostered a passion to bring hope back into her client’s lives through measurable, bite-sized, SIMPLE steps in the Digestive/Nutrition arena.

It’s not uncommon for illness or injury to creep right into our everyday lives and seem normal. Gerri experienced this in her prior life as a photographer. She loved her 22-year career, but her body paid the price through everyday stress and a non-stop calendar. Pretty soon, the tremor she developed from being out of alignment and improper eating habits were a regular part of her day. It took giving up her photography business before she woke up and looked for another option.

She knows the journey it takes, firsthand, for her clients to look beyond the symptoms to find the underlying issue of what is causing a disease/illness/deficiency. She distills that journey down for them with the use of a ZYTO body scanner, Comprehensive blood work, Darkfield Microscopes, and more. Gerri is committed to partnering with her clients through the assessment, education, individual plans, and follow-through in the digestive enzyme puzzle that most people didn’t even know was there. After all, neither did she.

Gerri believes firmly that hope and trust go hand in hand. She values her clients time and their goals, listening and empowering them to learn, just like she did, what it takes to safely, steadily, bring health, strength, and wellness back into their lives.

Gerri can be reached at 303-815-3567 or by email

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