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Kaley LeMire began massage therapy school April 1st, 2012. She graduated from Phoenix School of Massage and Holistic Health in Houston, TX with an advanced certification. She took her first position before graduating massage school with a high volume sports and rehabilitation chiropractic clinic working under the direction of two chiropractors. This experience shaped the rest of her massage career. She discovered a love for rehabilitation and muscular correction and really began to understand chronic pain and soft tissue in a way she never had before. Kaley went on to study advanced Orthopedic techniques for chronic pain under James Waslaski. She has gained experience from small day spas to a 5-star athletic club. What she loves most is learning how she can continue to help others gain a quality of life that is free from chronic pain. Kaley believes in our body’s capability to adapt and heal and she takes a more holistic approach in her personal practice.

Kaley first suffered from chronic migraines and neck pain when she was 13 years old. She didn’t discover chiropractic care until 19 years old and had also developed severe low back pain. Her first massage was at 22 years old. This experience was the catalyst for her massage therapy career. Her first massage was a hot stone which resulted in the best night sleep she can ever remember having. Her second massage was by a very skilled therapist and his body work took away her chronic neck pain for two straight weeks! She has remained a believer in massage therapy ever since.

In her other spare moments Kaley loves to read, practice photography, furniture restoration, and steal off to the mountains.

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