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In need of a chiropractor in Broomfield? Welcome to the right place. Our Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield location is located next to the Flatirons Mall. We serve the Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, and Lafayette communities. Whether you are in pain or want to confirm the shape your spine is in, it’s time to Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield. Some of the many conditions our patients get relief from are:

Low Back Pain | Neck Pain/Stiffness | Headaches | Shoulder Pain | Tingling/Numbness in Hands/Legs | Sciatica | Sports & Auto Injuries

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Chiropractic Boosts Your Immune System

Coronavirus  (COVID-19) is a growing concern and updates are being released every day.  Although the current statistics of this virus, relative to the action that is being done, may seem extreme to many, it is clear that we are practicing an overabundance of caution.     We want to take this opportunity to ensure your health and wellbeing at Discover Health and Wellness. Our mission is to improve our patient’s health.  Our offices provide an office of education, healing and of course, cleanliness.  As more updates come out from the U.S. Center of Disease Control (CDC), we will continue to monitor ...
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Dr. Alan Webster – Broomfield Chiropractor

dr.alan-webster-broomfield-chiropractorI am originally from a small town in North AL, called Hazel Green, where my immediate family has lived all of my life; David & Allicyn, and Davida. At a very early age in the 7th grade, weighing 215lbs, I realized the importance of self-education, which directly correlates to self care. I became infatuated with human anatomy and its various systems. Through my research I learned that we are meant to be strong, stable locomotive forces, not remain in stagnation. Physical activity and weight-bearing exercises are two of the three pillars to health and wealth, the third being diet. However, by the 8th grade, I dropped to roughly 165lbs, simply by making the decision to self-educate. The desire from that accomplishment developed into an obsession for healthy longevity.

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