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In need of a chiropractor in Broomfield? Welcome to the right place. Our Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield location is located just off of 287 and 6th Avenue. We serve the Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, and Lafayette communities. If you are in pain or wanting to feel your best, it may be time to visit our Chiropractic Broomfield location. Some of the many benefits to getting adjusted include experiencing less sickness from a boosted immune system as well as decreased healthcare costs from preventative care. Do you get sick more than you like? Are your healthcare costs rising? Most people visit us because they have a health challenge they are concerned about.

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diet and depression

Diet and Depression

Have you ever been depressed? Do you feel depressed more often than you think you should? One of the challenges with discussing depression is that it comes in different flavors. We all have “down” days but when these periods are prolonged, they are responsible for lost time at work, failed relationships, and the destruction of once happy lives.  In this article we will discuss how diet and depression go hand in hand! Causes Of Depressive Disorder Major depressive disorder is experienced by 16.1 million people (6.7% of the American population). Many things can cause depression and many experts agree it is ...
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Dr. Nicholas Manteris – Broomfield Chiropractor

Dr Nicholas Manteris Broomfield ChiropractorOriginally from Maui, but certainly calling Colorado home, I have been under chiropractic care from the age of 9. Discovering that health goes beyond the surface of symptoms and pain, and that with proper spinal alignment the body has optimal potential for health, meant becoming a doctor of chiropractic was the only option.

Extensive experience in the fields of fitness training, physical therapy and nutrition has given me a unique perspective on restoring and maintaining health.

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