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In need of a chiropractor in Broomfield? Welcome to the right place. Our Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield location is located next to the Flatirons Mall. We serve the Broomfield, Louisville, Superior, and Lafayette communities. Whether you are in pain or want to confirm the shape your spine is in, it’s time to Discover Health and Wellness Broomfield. Some of the many conditions our patients get relief from are:

Low Back Pain | Neck Pain/Stiffness | Headaches | Shoulder Pain | Tingling/Numbness in Hands/Legs | Sciatica | Sports & Auto Injuries

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Continuing New Year’s Resolutions: Intention is the Key

For many, the same resolutions appear year after year, never getting accomplished. The stress of wanting to make major life changes and not knowing where to start usually deters people from following through on their promises. So where to begin? The key to making a resolution stick may not be the actual resolution itself, but the mindset of approaching the process. Resolution is defined as determination, a firmness of mind or purpose. However, when working toward your new goal, consider this new approach: SET THE INTENTION. Intention is defined as “to have in mind a purpose or plan, to direct the ...
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Dr. Alan Webster – Broomfield Chiropractor

dr.alan-webster-broomfield-chiropractorI am originally from a small town in North AL, called Hazel Green, where my immediate family has lived all of my life; David & Allicyn, and Davida. At a very early age in the 7th grade, weighing 215lbs, I realized the importance of self-education, which directly correlates to self care. I became infatuated with human anatomy and its various systems. Through my research I learned that we are meant to be strong, stable locomotive forces, not remain in stagnation. Physical activity and weight-bearing exercises are two of the three pillars to health and wealth, the third being diet. However, by the 8th grade, I dropped to roughly 165lbs, simply by making the decision to self-educate. The desire from that accomplishment developed into an obsession for healthy longevity.

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